Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That explains it

As I was walking after class, recovering from my tearful episode in the bathroom,
moved to tears by language,
by Alex,
by how Alex uses language,
I was reminded of a letter recently received from a friend--
and it actually wasn't a letter, but an email,
and it actually wasn't a friend, but an unrequited love.
And like they dissected Kaspar Hauser, I dissected his words of apology,
dissected them until there was no meaning left,
only letters,
only insignificant letters--
trying to figure him out,
trying with all my broken heart to find some explanation,
to find the abnormal brain and liver,
to explain it.
It was then I understood that life is a riddle--not all can or should be explained.
There is no absolute knowledge.
And in that I found beauty.
And in that I found peace.


Jorgen said...

"The Absolute Truth is that Nothing is Absolute!"

I was going to mention in class that it is possible that if Kasper's brain had problems, that it was probably from not using it how the rest of us do until later. That would mess up development stages in the brain.

And as for your post, I'm glad you've found some peace. It seems that, just as you deconstructed language and put meaning back into it, that it also did the same thing to you.

Scott Abbott said...

This is beautiful and sad and wonderful. Thank you.

LeAnne said...

All I can say is WOW! It is a word with infinite meaning - it retains itself forward or backward. So, again, WOW!

Jennif said...

thank you for writing this. so beautiful and I'm glad I wasn't the only one moved to tears by Alex's reading.