Friday, September 26, 2008

Mix the Senses

Want to draw out poetic power in words, influence more people with your written or spoken words? Or would you just like to have a little fun with language? I just discovered an exercise that does all of the above.

By changing the placement of words you can become a linguistical genius.

I call it "Mix the Senses."
It's rather simple, yet challenging. Although this is not original to me, I believe the title works for this fun exercise--that's really more of a game.

Here's how it works. Use a word that requires the use of a "Sense" (i.e. Touch, Smell, Sight, Hearing, Taste) and pair it with another word that uses a different "Sense."

Like This:

Cold Blue (touch, sight)
Screeching Stench (hearing, smell)
Heavy Taste (touch, taste)

"Mix the Senses" can create new thought processes, and as most words have multiple meanings brace yourself for all sorts of new looks at colors, shapes, aches and pains.

Provoke your mind's imagery of what the senses really experience, or what they haven't yet experienced in quite the way that pairing new words together can!

Cross-pollinate those senses until you’re senseless or senseful whichever the case may be.

Have Fun!


Scott Abbott said...

how about a cold blue stench!