Monday, September 15, 2008

Hopefully Chomsky will reply to this?

Bonobos May Have Greater Linguistic Skills Than
Previously Thought

According to this article (link below), when linguistic tools used to analyze human language are applied to language-competent bonobos, they show much more potential for linguistic skill - as opposed to when researchers would observe bonobos in more controlled settings.

In a sense, if you give them the human linguistic tools to work with, they show more potential than previously ever thought possible. (Think language speaking bonobos?)

Read this article, it is worth your time (if you haven't already).


Brian said...

Bonobos are among the most fascinating of creatures, and my favorite (after humans). They live in a matriarchal society with an economical system based on sexual favors. They're also among the most advanced of tool users (again, second to humans).

Grabloid said...

great post.
great comment.