Monday, September 15, 2008

Language 'just happened'

Hopefully this post doesn't loose all credibility based on your perception of my taste in music. I admit it, I am huge fan of Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst is a thoughtful songwriter and I consider him to be quite poetic at times. I was driving the other day and his live album 'Motion Sickness' was swooning me on my drive home. The song 'Scale' on said album [originally on 'Fevers and Mirrors'] had a line that I thought totally relavant to our class and the subject of the origin of language.
"Language just happened, it was never planned. Now it's inadequate to describe where I am..."

As I thought about the discussions we have had about Rosseau's theory, as well as Herder's, I thought Mr. Oberst's definition was also a nice addition. Language seems to be so innate, yet often times, words are imperfect.
A friend of mine once stopped listening to all music that contained words. He thought words ruined the natural beauty of music. He only listened to classical composers and orchestral works. He took it even further to stop watching movies because there was undoubtedly going to be a soundtrack that was not in line with his standard for music.
During his 'fast,' if you will, we had many discussions about music. I realized that the reason I care so much for music is because of the words. I love poetry set to a gentle melody that for me creates an even more meaningful experience than if I were to merely read it.
As my friend simply stated it, "You love words too damn much."
But I'll admit, I am pretty guilty of that.


Grabloid said...

although i rarely share common taste in music with those that are into 'bright eyes', and i have a strong distaste of the sort of fashion/scene surrounding bright eyes...i have to admit...with severe guilt attached, that i do like it quite a bit myself. some of the albums i can't get into...but others (like you said), are amazing poetry set to amazing music/composition.