Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Herzog says: "my last resort in all this turmoil was language." Read the interview here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From yesterday's Radio West

7/7/09: The Power and Problems of Language

word. Photo by Melanie Cook on
(KUER) - NPR's Ombudsmen Alicia Shepard has been slammed with comments and e-mails after she explained in a blog post why NPR has decided not to use the word "torture" to describe the interrogation method known as waterboarding. Tuesday on RadioWest it's your turn to sound off on the subject. Shepard and others will join Doug to talk about the words we use in the issues we cover - the power and problems with language.

a side note:
If you want to skip the interview with Alicia Shepard (Neal Conan interviewed her on Talk of the Nation regarding this same subject, and she says pretty much the same things), then you can skip to about the halfway point in the program. Doug interviews William Lutz, which is when the discussion shifts from the debate regarding how the media handles the 'torture' vs. 'enhanced interrogation' issue to a discussion of the politics of language in general.