Friday, September 5, 2008

Language and Identity

In class we are speaking about how language contributes largely to our identity (or how Language Speaks Us). While thinking about this I drew (with my lack of artistic talent) a picture of Elliott Smith (Born 1969 - Died 2003: from the portrait of him standing in a black shirt, holding an umbrella - picture below), but instead of drawing with lines, I used only lyrics from his songs, album titles, or quotes of his (and once I used his name). I'm positive it won't show up in the picture with how small it will be displayed, but I put a bigger copy up on a link (at the bottom) so hopefully you can click that and zoom up to see some of the letters/words/lyrics/language.

I'm obviously not "showing off" any type of talent in drawing ability - I rarely draw - just a fun idea that I enjoyed bringing to life. I call it: "Elliott Smith, A Man of Many Words"

I will turn in the original drawing with my Notes & Scraps.

Link to a (hopefully) larger image of it:

Here is the original picture:


Torben B said...


Jack (h2oetry) said...

Love it

Scott Abbott said...

Drawing with words. This is a good connection to a topic we'll get to later in the semester. We'll have to remember to bring this up. Just how do words mean? How do pictures mean? What about pictures with words?

Jennif said...

elliott smith is one of the most writers of our generation. very beautiful interpretation.