Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Random (long and sporadic and nonlinear) thought (TURN BACK NOW).

I wonder how much of our language is spent on denial. Before most people can see the meaning behind any symbol or concept they usually meet that symbol concept with resistance or contention. Whether you are looking at the Greek alphabet as jibberish or hearing about how "Language Speaks Us," we spend a remarkable amount of time putting up a fight against something we simply do not understand yet (take African Americans or Homosexuals in America for example).
When I first heard Scott say "Language Speaks Us" I liked the idea but didn't really "eat it up". However, last night I was watching a fascinating video on (for the second time) about how the agricultural revolution may not have been a technological invention by humans, but rather, that it was actually a co-evolutionary development where things such as grasses evolved to exploit us (humans) into doing their dirty work for them (deforesting the competition, etc.). He got this idea while planting his garden. He saw a bee pollinating a flower and he thought "ha, that bee has no clue that he is compelled by the flower to do what he is doing. But I know that he is." Then he went back to gardening. But then he realized, that he was not much different than the bee. And that maybe gardening was so enjoyable for people because they are also being compelled by the plants to keep them in fruition.
So anyway (these thoughts are not entirely linear), I was thinking about this, and how absurd it seemed, and I was making up reasons to deny it and so forth and while doing so I thought of Language Speaking Us. And I thought, maybe language doesn't necessarily SPEAK US, but maybe language (meaning and symbols) somehow compel us to speak it - Rousseau did say that language grew out of need, right?

Now, of course, this can't necessarily be; considering that language is not a THING per se, but really a confluence of THINGS... but how are we (humans) any different? We THINK we compel things to do what we want them to. We think we have this power over language and that it can't possibly speak us. WE SPEAK IT, IT'S ABSURD TO SAY IT SPEAKS US, IT'S NOT A THING, IT'S LANGUAGE! But we're no different. We evolved with language. We're more advanced because of language and language is more advanced because of us. And the last I checked a human has never made language cry (aside from those horrible Karaoke songs), but language makes humans cry (and laugh and so on) ever single minute. We are shaped by language and we evolve because language evolves - and vice versa.

Now, of course (once again), I am babbling, and my thoughts are abstract and nonlinear and people will disagree and argue and so on, but we couldn't engage in such activity without it.

So, in conclusion, and since I tie EVERYTHING back to RADIOHEAD (because they created the heavens and the earth)... And this post is no different - as it was inspired by them (in a way). I was listening to their song PARANOID ANDROID. And during the chorus - barely noticable in the background - there is an audio recording of a robot's "voice" saying "I MAY BE PARANOID, BUT NOT AN ANDROID." And with EVERYTHING ELSE (language speaking us, agriculture as a co-evolutionary byproduct, etc.) I thought... try explaning that to this android... that he is not an android. If this thing actually existed - I wish it did - it would be nothing more than a machine that is programmed to feel paranoia and to doubt that it is what it is. I don't think we're much different. Human beings always ascribe their own species as the "BEST" species. I'm sure that penguins would do the same if they had as much denial as we do.

Here's the link to that TED VIDEO I mentioned:

thefuckingend--sorry if my post is not proper enough to cause the effect of discussion.

PS: I think that people should come here and vent their thoughts more often. Don't use spell-checker and rewrite your thoughts in some WORD filter. Just get these things out of your head, and on to this blog. They're always the most interesting to read. You can recant in class.


mmsmith said...

I really enjoyed this post. Also, I went to to look for the video you mentioned. No luck finding it, though. Would you mind posting a direct link?

Jorgen said...

Oh yeah, sorry about that, I'll post it here and edit it into the post:

mmsmith said...

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that grasses and other plants co-evolved with us it just makes sense and language does dictate our lives and emotions.I think your post was pretty much linear

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