Monday, October 4, 2010

The Origin of Language

I was looking back through my notes and scraps and got hung up on some of the things we talked about regarding Rousseau and some of his views and arguments for language. In particular the origin of language and how it has been produced naturally rather than given by God. This article from Cambridge discusses the different "sources" of language and how it could have possibly come about. I personally think it's a combination of the sources in the article. What do you think?


Richey said...
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Richey said...

I think it is a combination of sources too. I was also just thinking the other day about an example like this:
So lets say there is a group of people, I think it would depend on their geographic location on terms of thier diet and food they would eat and animals they would encounter, and lets say this certain group lived where there just happened to be a "clucking" kind of bird, well I would think their language, as a result of this "clucking" bird, would have a lot of k and q sounds in it, as they would have tried to mimic the sounds this bird made and their language would have developed from that.
So it's kinda crazy that I was spot on maybe. I developed this example and thought from my Language 3000 class assignment where we have to invent a language. Anyways, I just thought it was cool and made me feel smart that this article was saying my exact thoughts

Scott Abbott said...

I like the summary on the link very much, going about the various aspects of a developing language systematically.