Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost With Language


Colten Strickland said...

Today there are 2500+ versions of Buddhism.

Scott Abbott said...

passed down for four centuries through the oral tradition. i'd love to hear the poetry chanted.

Carmell said...

When I took Ken White's class on Buddhism, I was astonished to find out that wars have been waged in the name of the Buddha. In Japan, I think the 10th or 11th century CE, Buddhist monks of some traditions became warriors and fought over politics and government and land ownership. Crazy. Chinese Buddhism is VERY different from Japanese Buddhism which are both very different from Korean Buddhism. And all of these are lightyears from Tibetan Buddhism which is only recent compared to the other traditions.

Yet, in all these traditions, at the core, the same teachings of the Buddha can be found, while their expression, culture, and meaning are very distinct.

I also would love to hear the poetry chanted.