Tuesday, October 12, 2010

how come if someone can post a perfect post as "blankness" (since it was not meant to be named i only describe it) and we can't turn in a blank unnamed paper.

after all, john cage wrote music that was made up entirely of rests.

i should be able to write a paper made up entirely of spaces. i will actually hit the spacebar however many times it takes to occupy the entire length of it.

expect to be amazed by what you read :)


Scott Abbott said...

we talked about this in class, remember? we thought a carefully composed, well thought out paper, creatively developed in the ways Cage thought out his works, with no language whatsoever -- which would mean also no indication of who wrote it -- would be perfectly acceptable.

we agreed to respond in kind, marking down no grade or anything else related to language.

Bladed Thesis said...
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Bladed Thesis said...

See they are not asking for a perfect essay, and in all reality whatever essay you would create is using that "perfect essay" which is a blank piece of paper. So if you make your essay good enough it will really bring out the ambiguity and potential perfection of the blank piece of paper in which is was printed on.