Monday, September 24, 2007

William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Click here for the full text of William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell from Google Books.


Grabloid said...

I found the text of what Alex was reading in class in a book that I have called "Select Prose and Poetry of William Blake" (one of the many books that I own that I haven't fully read yet). I read the passages that Alex was reading in class and found it to be so incredibly powerful. It wasn't as intense as when Alex was reading them, but I was able to think about them more and it had an intense effect on me. I was surprised that I hadn't read it or been introduced to it before. Was anybody else moved as much as I was by those passages? (For those of you who aren't in the class it is from Blake's writings called "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" found in his book "Heaven and Hell" and many of his other books with selected can probably also find these passages all over on the web...)
I wish that we could extend this class for an additonal semester, there is so much stuff to get into!