Thursday, September 20, 2007

The History Of Political Symbols i.e. John McCain

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We have all seen the symbols of the donkey and the elephant. We are smothered in newspaper ads, cartoons, and newsbreaks including these as well as the now famous red and blue states. If you have been curious as many of our Americas youth is here is the history behind these famous political symbols.

The Democrat donkey, as it’s called, came to be in the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828. Jackson’s opponents began calling him a jackass (a donkey) and this lead to Jackson’s choice to use this stubborn symbol, the donkey or mule. The cartoonist, Thomas Nast used the donkey in a newspaper cartoon that made this symbol famous. Today’s democrats see the symbol of the donkey as being strong and brave. The same cartoonist, Thomas Nast, later created the Republican elephant in 1874. Today’s Republicans see the symbol of the elephant as representing strength and dignity.

When it comes to the red and blue state diagrams that we see each election, this did not start to emerge mainstream until its use in 2000. It really became standard use in the 2004 election. The red states represent states that are mainly Republican and the blue states represent the Democratic Party.