Friday, October 10, 2008

The Son of Man

Not to be Reproduced

The Lovers

I couldn't get Magritte out of my head as I left class today after that discussion and I had to get on a computer as soon as I got downstairs and check out more of his work. To me all of these pieces just scream out as questions of identity and perceptions of reality. One of the things I wrote down while in class is how that painting in class felt like a mask for what actually is. The painting in front of the window has ruined what is actually outside of that window because we will never know what was in fact actually there. All we will ever know is what we were supposed to see and the reality that was painted for us. It's just breathtaking and absolutely amazing. When Son of Man was the first image to come up on the search I felt blown away. As I did for The Lovers and Not to be Reproduced.


Scott Abbott said...

Good work. They're fantastic paintings, especially in the context of the conversation in class today.