Friday, October 3, 2008

Some "Poetic" Thoughts on Language

All this talk about poetry and language has made me write poetry about language.

and knowing id never get the message, I had em send it anyway.
and listening patiently, I misread purposely.
faked understanding the whole time.
and when asked to repeat back what was said,
i lied

i lied

and I didn’t try to explain
they never get it when I try

words confusing words perpetually
in the obvious of ways
its just better to pretend

its just better to pretend

harmless poet give me of your wisdom. “Okay.
the Clouds of thunder are not so gray.
the words of misunderstanding won’t fade away.”

how much wind moves the ship, and where does it come from?
it just comes and goes.
sometimes for long periods; sometimes in short blows.
where it listeth no man knows.

a full sail
a steady breeze
in moments of
ocean ease


Scott Abbott said...

Thanks Alec. What is it that drives us to poetry, as opposed to prose? Why did you need to state those thoughts and feelings in that form? I sometimes feel the same impulse for something more condensed, more self-aware, more playful.