Friday, February 1, 2008

Memory and Language

There was an awesome 'language scraps' worthy experience that I had today. In our Freud and Philosophy class with Shannon Mussett, we were talking about Freud's ideas about "infantile amnesia". Shannon was saying that Freud talks about how we have virtually no memory from early childhood, that it is very strange and we really aren't sure why this happens. Much of our early childhood experiences are forgotten/repressed. And then Shannon said something along the lines of: "And then later, people started saying that language was definitely tied to memory and Freud said 'oh yeah...huh!?'...". It was pretty incredible. I really miss our language class, lectures, and discussions.


Scott Abbott said...

Great story.

I've always wondered just how tightly memory is tied to language. There are those sights and scents that we also remember in a different way from things we remember discoursively.


nice travis.