Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meow Meow

Okay, first and foremost, this is Errin--NOT Vegor. I wish I could have taken this class, but I wasn't lucky enough to. I guess there's always next fall... Anyway, the topics of discussion on this blog, as well as the discussions I've had with many people in the class have really intrigued me. One that Travis, Vegor and I got onto today was the way that the "American" accent sounds in other countries. So far we have learned that in Mexico it sounds like "shwa shwa, shwashwa" or "Hey, Britney Spears" and thanks to the interweb we know that in some European countries it sounds like, "rar rarrar rar." This got us talking about onomatopoeia, especially with animal sounds. For instance, the American dog says, "woof woof," but the dog of the Dominican Republic says, "how how," while Japanese dogs say, "wan wan." Here's a recording of a bunch of kids from around the world doing the standard, "what does the cow say," etc. (I wish it had the written examples as well, since the audio isn't great, but, still an interesting website.


david santos said...

Hi Vegor

Excellent post!
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EXCELLENT! welcome Erin to the place where words don't get in the way. and well, when they do-we just admit it!