Friday, January 11, 2008

npr W O N D E R

today, on the way to school, i had the delight of listening to doug fabrizio's radio west on npr. the topic, inventing words. invented words, or "familisms", are a lingual wonder all their own. we create them in secrecy, out of necessity, validate them through the random ways they are born, and discover that they, though silly, are often more expressive than words that are fixed in dictionaries. this language is born of children shouting, noises in the throat and things that keep popping up nameless begging to be named.
have a minute? click on the link to read the discussion, contribute to the forum, and read the words people call their own.
what are your familisms? mine? oh, i thought you would never ask...
well, in my family (of blood and choice) here are a few favorites:
butt-tight: that tense all over anxiety you get when someone does or says something ignorant, bigoted or too self-revealing. the anxiety entends throughout the body, even through the butt.
frozen man: when i shiver i say frozen man. explaination: NONE.


Grabloid said...

creating words...i love it
sometimes i think that we think that words are concrete and unchanging...when we really know that is not true
the DADA manifesto below is crucial...DADA is all about constantly creating, destroying, and recreating words and meanings and such
great post

errinpedersen said...

I wish I could have heard this show. I come from a family of word creators, and my hubby ain't bad either. I'm leaving out terms of endearment as I'm sure most people have variations on our "sneak snork."

wonky-tonky: to have a go in the sack, sex, intercourse. see also "wonk" "a tonk" "wonkytonk"

shpleenkshplonk: a stand-in noun, generally referring to a specific person as in, "what are you doing, you old shpleenkshplonk."

donk: another stand-in, but can be verb or noun. "What ya doing? Donking your own donk?" Possibly in reference to masturbation, but also in reference to lounging about, etc. see also "donker" as any noun that one cannot think of "hey, hand me that there donker" (generally said with a bit of an exaggerated 435 [utah hillbilly] accent.)

butt-pod, butt-mail: generally adding "butt" to some electronic system (ipod, email).

i really could go on and on...