Friday, November 9, 2007

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Vegor linked us to this intriguing video on Scott's personal blog, but I thought that it also needed to be posted here because of its relevance to language. Why don't we work on stuff like this? It would be great to see videos like this from UVU. Why are we not podcasting and producing videos on the concepts we discuss here?


Vegor said...

I was showing the blog to new Communication professor Janet Colvin and she loved what these students at Kansas State are doing. She wants to incorporate this kind of work into one of her comms classes next semester. Perhaps even make this kind of stuff into its own class in the near future.

Torben B said...

I just noticed that both of these videos are from Kansas State University. For some reason I never put that together before. What a cool department (both done in the ANTH dept.)! This seems perfect for the Integrated Studies department. We have so many students and faculty with diverse talents and ideas. What do you think?

Vegor said...

I talked to Janet Colvin again last night at the Debate tournament. She is really excited about what KSU is doing. I know Scott Carrier wants to use these new media tools to teach journalism. Here's hoping that the Communication department can put together a program that will infuse these tools into UVSC's curriculum.