Friday, November 5, 2010

Zoom in and zoom out

Sometimes the shape appears shapeless if we are approaching it from a different point of view.


Today's class reminded me of a piece of art I once saw in a museum. The room was empty except for about 5 strings linking the ceiling to the floor. The piece was interactive because you could walk in between the strings and look at them from different angles. I asked about the piece and was told that when the piece arrived it was in a small envelope with the a small card. The card had a formula on it explaining how the strings should be arranged. The size could be large or small depending on the space. John Cage's 4:33 appears to be similar to me because if you are going to play it there is a "formula" to follow. Alex slightly mentioned a constellation during class. Does anyone have a clue as to what he meant? Could it be the constellation's points are like a formula?

I've been listening to the music all day. A new awareness.


Scott Abbott said...

The idea that the constellation is like a formula is helpful to me as I think about this. It highlights the fact that the work is constructed, made by human artifice.

Many thanks for the idea.

By the way, is your second photo from a landscape piece by Richard Long?

And the first photo? Those lines in the landscape in Peru?

J.Garcia said...

They are both Nazca lines in Peru. I looked up Richard Long's work and I like it.