Thursday, November 18, 2010


Wednesday's lecture has been running across my mind, like a broken record, for the past day and a half. I could not get Theo Bleckmann's rendition of "Lili Marleen" out of my head. It was so hauntingly beautiful that it made me want to cry for joy as well as fall into a million pieces. Wednesday night I went home and played "Lili Marleen" again, and then listened to some of his other musical pieces that he has done. As a result, my brain started to click and my thoughts went from one connection to another. I started to remember things from as early as my childhood to things as recent as this summer. I began to see things that I have surrounded myself in, in a new light. So here are 3 of my thoughts stemmed from Theo Bleckmann.

1) Sigur Ros, through there volenska (english translation: Hopelandic-meaning ' unintelligible lyrics') has, in my opinion, broken the language barrier. They have produced music that is able to be swallowed by, (as Professor Caldiero says) the mouths of our souls. Here is their song "Von" which is a part of the volenska music (as far as I understand).

2) My second thought had to do more with remake of songs. Just as Theo Bleckmann added his own twist to the already popular "Lili Marleen" WWI song, Billy Bell and Allstar Ade, performing a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine, added a new twist to Tears for Fears "Mad World" song. Though the song "Mad World" already does a phenomenal job painting a picture of how the world is hectic, Stacey Tookey is able to zoom into one moment where the world is effecting two people.

3) Lastly, I couldn't help myself but think of Homer Simpson.


Scott Abbott said...

I'm with Homer: WWWWOOOOWWWW