Monday, October 8, 2007

George Carlin - Soft Language

George Carlin - Soft Language

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Vegor said...

About six months ago I was having a discussion with Caldiero about a similar topic.

Is said that every time we come up with a different word for "mentally handicapped" we just add to the lexicon of names these people get called.

It used to be totally acceptable and politically correct to call these folks things like moron, retard, retardate, and mongoloid. These weren't the slurs they are today.

If we just stuck with calling them morons than we would only have the one word. But in our desire to soften language we just provide more ammo for the assholes who would call these people names.

Maybe we just need more names for assholes?

Grabloid said...

I can see the objection to referring to a person with Down's Syndrome as a "Mongol" or a "Mongoloid", as that would be offensive to Mongols...,people from Mongolia. The bad connection that comes with calling a person with Down's Syndrome a "Mongol" or a "Mongoloid" is the supposed similarities in some facial feature that is common between Mongols and those with Down's Syndrome.