Thursday, September 30, 2010



Scott Abbott said...

fantastic! funny! phabulous!

Ty G said...

Can I tell you how much I loved this video? These are all things I notice on a frequent basis, particularly in this area: do you say "crick" or "creek," "pillow" or "pellow," "egg" or "aygg," "leg" or "layg," "crayon" or "cran," "miracle" or "mairicle," "mirror" or "meer," "roof" or "ruff," and the list goes on. A particular favorite, in this area at least, is "use-ta-could" for "used to be able to." Or perhaps when people pull a "360" when they meant to pull a "180." I hate when I am trying to break a bad habit and end up right back where I began because I pulled a 360 and not a 180.

People here seem to have the perpetual problem of dropping the letter "t" when it is in the middle of a word - for example, do you say "Santa" or "Sanna," "moutain" or "moun'ain," "water" or "wadder." It is just as much hilarious as it is annoying. In the word's of Professor Henry Higgins, "Why can't the english learn to speak?"

Hahaha, Thx 4 posting this vid - OMG its like the greatest. I can't watch it W/O LOL. IDK what my BF/GF will think. Do U think that was TMI? JK. oxox

Carmell said...

Ty, LOVE, and I mean that, LOVE your comment!