Monday, December 1, 2008

Dancing with the Lizards

At the end of Spring semester 08, I recorded the album I always wanted to record. I planned nothing and did everything. I guess I planned on something, but in my head that equated to “nothing.” For one day I locked my self in a bedroom and with a microphone and a keyboard, pressed record, and then just let it happen. I let myself go somewhere I felt I couldn’t got or at least resisted going for an entire day. I let myself enter a creative mind set that when I exited I was physically and emotionally drained. It took me a whole day to recover. It felt like I let myself go insane and pressed record. Though I did record the album in one day, I periodically mixed it and listened to it through out the summer. I spent way more time mixing it and mastering it than I did recording it. I have been really hesitant to publish the album since recording it because I connected with my self in a way that until our section on poetry and madness I did not know how to be honest about it nor did I have the desire to finish it. I listen to the album now with great satisfaction. I think it is kind of radical. For any that listen, enjoy. Dancing with the Lizards is the name of it. It is about a 100 mb, so on a good internet connection it will take about 8 minute to download. Here is the link:


>>>paper muncher<<< said...

If "Lizards" anywhere near as incredible as "Solo Experience" is, then I might not believe it. I'm downloading it now.

I really like the title, by the way.