Friday, November 7, 2008

The "N" WORD! today in class i was reminded of this scene in White Chicks. sorry to anyone who, like me, was unfortunate enough to spend money to see this movie, but this part is good. For those of you that don't see it, the synopsis is two black detectives played by the wayan brothers who have to go undercover as white girls in order to break a case. It's actually very interesting how the characters react to the word nigger


Loz said...

So it's okay to use that word if no one is around?

I know this sounds cliche, but growing up, my best friend was black. We had a little gang that he led, and we used to do everything together. I remember we had this conversation where he was complaining about a kid named Tim who he had beaten up for calling him a name. He asked me to guess what it was. I went through a few, including Nigger. Finally he said, "No he called me the B word. I replied, "What, Bastard?" and he said "No, Blackie" and punched me repeatedly for "making him say it."
Sounds weird but growing up in a different country with a different cultural climate, the word nigger was not as offensive as Blackie. Even now, i can't say Blackie.